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The idea of sustainability is not something that we do; it’s who we are. At Red Frog Beach Resort, we’re on a mission to not only be environmentally friendly and socially responsible, but also uncompromisingly stunning and playful with nature without compromising on beauty or comfort!

As we continue to create this first-class community, we are following a comprehensive plan that is responsible and sustainable.


Red Frog Beach has installed a state of the art wastewater treatment plant, called a sequence batch reactor. All of the waste water from the project is centrally processed with 5 levels of treatment. This system sets a high standard for other resorts throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

The resort has one of the largest solar power plants of any island resort in the world.


Red Frog Beach Island Resort has received the coveted Green Globe certification. The beachfront island resort is now the first destination in Panama to achieve this distinction, which reflects its commitment to sustainable practices within the tourism industry.
A Green Globe certification comprehensively addresses how a tourism development not only treats natural resources, but also how the development impacts the social fabric of local communities. Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa has been certified for complying with an extensive list of more than 340 criteria in the following categories: sustainable management, social and economic elements, cultural heritage and environmental practices.


As the largest employer in the area, Red Frog take’s pride in our staff’s ongoing training and commitment to become a 5-star resort.

Our employees and their families depend on the salary and benefits they derive from their jobs here.


Red Frog works with universities in the United States and Panama to bring students to Red Frog to learn about the unique environment and culture.



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