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Part modern community, part natural playground, Red Frog Beach Island Resort is fulfilling a dream to create an island community that combines socially responsible values and a deep connection between nature and people, while reducing the intensity of our environmental footprint.

A hidden gem in Central America, with 1,500 acres of Isla Bastimentos, 5 miles (8km) of beachfront, Red Frog Beach Island Resort offers a secluded villa community, secluded jungle village, private beach club, full service IGY Marina, island spa, 8 miles of rainforest trails, island grocery and more.

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Green Globe Green Globe Certificate

Sustainability Green Initiatives

Red Frog Beach Island Resort is committed to preserving 80% of the island property forever, providing 20% of its power with sustainable energy, implementing various conservation projects, reforesting cattle lands, and improving the lives of those living in the island community through our non-profit foundation and volunteer-led projects.

The Resort has received the coveted Green Globe certification 3 years in a row, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices within the tourism industry – the first destination in Panama to achieve this impressive distinction.


Awards - Best of the Best
Awards - America Property
Awards - International Hotel
Awards - Energy Globe National
Awards - Safe Travels

A 20-square- mile island that's a microcosm of some of Panama's top tourism offerings. Here you'll find virgin rainforests home to sloths and monkeys, offshore coral gardens and mangrove islands perfect for snorkeling, and stunning beaches.


A quiet beautiful oasis carved out of a natural area that’s been left alone

- Andrew & Laurie Wright

We can’t thank Red Frog Beach enough for helping us find our dream home in Panama.

- James Randolph

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