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Benefits of Retiring in Panama

The Panama retirement visa, also known as the Pensionado Program, is an excellent way to retire with security and peace of mind. To be eligible for it, you have to show that your monthly income exceeds $1,000 USD/PAB and an extra $250 USD/PAB...

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A beach in Panama

9 Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a Condo in Panama

Blessed with a breathtaking location straddling the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Panama is a country unlike any other. Lush rainforests and pristine shorelines create a paradise that many people only dream of living in.  From th...

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What’s the Secret Behind Panama’s Success?

It might sound like an easy question with a straightforward answer, but in reality it's not that simple. The country has defied all odds by remaining stable and democratic while still becoming one of Latin America's most developed nations over ...

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Panama Health Care

What is Panama Health Care and Insurance Like?

When you’re looking to move to a new country, no matter what your age is, you’re probably concerned about what the availability and cost of insurance is like. This is especially true when you want to live in a tropical paradise like Bocas d...

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Bocas del Toro

Culture of Bocas del Toro, is it for Me?

When you begin to plan to move to a new country, something you need to take into account is the culture of the place you are moving to. Cultures can vary widely from country to country, and even from city to city within a country. And in orde...

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Cost of Living in Panama

The Cost of Living in Panama

There’s no other way of looking at it, the cost of living in the United States is quickly skyrocketing. Whether it’s inflation, or the high cost of building materials, it is difficult being able to live in the US on a budget, especially whe...

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Benefit Program For Retirees

6 Amazing Benefits Of Retiring In Panama

When it comes to your retirement, it’s important that you begin to prepare well in advance. This way you will have a nice home, ideal weather, and enough money, to live in comfort for the later years of your life. And this is one of the reaso...

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Real Estate In Panama

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Real Estate In Panama

Have you ever wanted to purchase a vacation property? It can be nice to know that when it is the dead of winter in your home town that you own property somewhere else in the world that you can visit at your leisure! But vacations aren’t the o...

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