Discover Panama on an
Exploration Tour

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Learn about Panama and this growing resort community.

Panama’s generous tax/retirement incentives paired with this unmatched destination in Bocas del Toro offers the opportunity to discover paradise at a fraction of the cost of other Caribbean resort communities.

A great way to visit paradise!

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Save over $1,000 - Limited Time Only

Your Cost: $1,495 (2 guests) / Single Occupancy: $895 (1 guest)

Limited Time Only - Restrictions Apply - Contact for Details


• Pickup at Panama City Int’l Airport
• Personal Driver for Panama City (tour Panama City)
• 2 Nights Hilton Tower Hotel in Panama City
• 2 Nights at Resort in Upscale Private Villa with pool
• Roundtrip domestic flights to Bocas del Toro
• Real Estate Tour, information about tax and buying incentives

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“A great experience to visit such a unique place. We’ve been looking all over the Caribbean and Red Frog has something unlike anything else we had seen.”
— Recent Tour Guest