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Our Vision

Red Frog Beach Island Resort is transforming itself from something special into something other-worldly.

The resort has committed itself to creating value for all their stakeholders while reducing the intensity of their environmental footprint. The vision to balance profit with purpose is contributing towards a higher standard of living, while enhancing its socially responsible values and building sustainability and growth in value.

Natural Playground

The perfect place to escape from the ordinary, Red Frog Beach Island Resort offers an exciting array of outdoor pursuits for all interests and stages. Whether you’re looking for a zipline tour adrenaline or just some fun in nature, the private resort community will not disappoint with its diversity that ranges from surfing, snorkeling, paddling through magical mangroves – there is something here waiting just around every corner.

New Experiences, New Opportunities

The resort is growing into a 5-star destination by strategically implementing specific amenities and services in order to build a world-class island community. Imagine enhanced experiences and being part of the most premium, large-scale, socially- responsible, green luxury resort in Central America.

Live more for what truly matters at Red Frog Beach Island Resort.

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