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Benefits of Retiring in Panama

The Panama retirement visa, also known as the Pensionado Program, is an excellent way to retire with security and peace of mind. To be eligible for it, you have to show that your monthly income exceeds $1,000 USD/PAB and an extra $250 USD/PAB per month for your spouse. The source of income can come from either government or corporate sources such as a pension/Social Security check every year. The conditions on this visa is that you can’t work in Panama, but there are plenty of other incentives for retired people!

pensinado program in panama

Panama provides retirement benefits that are second to none! If you’re a woman over 55 or male over 60 years old with permanent residency, then there’s plenty of perks available for your needs. The Pensionado is a popular visa for expats and the below list are just a few benefits that makes it even better:

• 50% discount in movie theaters and other shows

• 30% – 50% discount on hotel stays

• 30% discount on public land transport (bus, boat, and train tickets)

• 25% discount on airline tickets

• 25% discount on all government provided utilities

• 20% discount on drugs in pharmacies

• 15% – 25% discount at restaurants

• 15% discount on healthcare services

• 1% discount on home mortgages

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