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Weather and Tourism Season in Bocas del Toro

What’s the weather like in Bocas del Toro? It changes from month to month! Some months are spent on flat, calm seas with amazing scuba diving opportunities, and beautiful sunsets. Other times you’ll spot high-sea conditions and more frequent rain storms that make for world class surfing waves across these islands paradise. But one thing’s for sure, Panama has never been hit by a hurricane since it’s located far to the south and west of most hurricane routes through Central America.

The people of Bocas del Toro have a unique way to deal with the tropical rainforest climate: they embrace it. While there are days where it can rain constantly, the humidity and heat make it so you don’t feel too bad about getting wet from time-to-time. A standard day starts out with some clouds or rainy weather in the morning which opens up to full sun by lunch hour–and those are just average days; when we’re talking optimistically, you can enjoy a beautiful tropical sunset while sipping on pina colada or cold Panama beer.

Dry Season
January through May and September and October are considered the drier months in Bocas del Toro. While these months are considered “dry” months, this doesn’t mean that there will be no rain at all, but rather this means less than average amounts of rain for this time of year. September and October are considered to be the drier months and best time to visit Bocas del Toro.

High Season
The most popular time for tourists to visit Bocas del Toro is during the high season from November through April. Tourists from all over the world come to the islands in search of an adventure, such as the Red Frog Zipline Canopy Tour, and beautiful beaches such as Red Frog Beach.

Low Season
The low season for tourism is from May through October. The months of June, July and August see an increase in visitors due to the North American summer break school holiday. The low season in Bocas del Toro is a great time to get away from the hustle and bustles of high-season. During this time, you can take advantage of cheaper accommodations and less crowded beaches.

Go on our Real Estate Exploration Tour and let us know if you prefer to visit us during low season or high season. You’ll explore what’s like living in paradise, learn about life as an international citizen in this beautiful country and discover if it’s right for you!

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